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Loch Lomond

Scotland is a country internationally renowned for it’s truly awesome scenery; it has such an incredible beauty which has inspired poets, songwriters, artists and romantics the world over. Nowhere in Scotland is as beautiful as Loch Lomond, the loch they call ‘The Loch where the Legend Lives’. The majestic beauty of Loch Lomond lies in contradiction and dichotomy; the contrast of lowland and highland, land and loch, wild and tranquil. Loch Lomond possesses a beauty so powerful you’ll remember it forever.

The Loch is surrounded by some of the most stunning scenery Scotland has to offer, not to mention some of the most incredible wildlife. There are so many activities to enjoy around the Loch you’ll never be bored, indeed, your senses will be in overdrive with the veritable feast of nature surrounding you! Water sports, golf, walking, hiking and fishing are only some of the activities readily available to visitors.

For more information about Loch Lomond visit www.loch-lomond.net, www.Trossachs.co.uk  and www.Destination-LochLomond.co.uk .